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There are two types of guardians in Texas: (1) Guardian of the Person; and (2) Guardian of the Estate. Guardian and ward are the two important terms in guardianship. The guardian is the person responsible for protecting the ward. The ward is the person being protected. The ward may be a minor or an incapacitated adult.

You may ask, what is guardianship? What can guardianship do and how does it work? Who can be a guardian?  You may have a loved one whom you know is or has become incapacitated. Know that guardianship requires court proceedings.

We can assist you in obtaining Guardian of the person and/or Guardian of the Estate Court Order (s).


We take each case seriously. We sit down with you, listen to you, review your case, provide you with highly personalized service and practical solutions, and we will do the work for you. When we take your case, we are making a commitment that we will zealously represent you.

Case Received

We gather pertinent information through our intake form and personalized client interview through phone interview, video conference, or in-person meeting.

Case Analysis

We review, investigate, and conduct intensive research in our case analysis. We treat all cases equally. All cases are of high importance to us.

Steps Forward

We diligently gather evidence to support and ensure that each case stands on strong grounds. We will present your case based on facts and law.

Case Result

We aim to deliver positive result for each case. Our goal is to provide satisfaction and maintain a good & long-lasting relationship with our clients.